Unique expertise due to a background in Special Forces, intelligence services, and special police units

Experienced corporate risk consultants

Flexible and reliable

Comprehensive and intelligent solutions

Advice and expertise

Triangular Group Academy offers advice and expertise in the fields of security, resilience, and safety. 

Security advice and expertise

Our experienced security consultants draw up a security plan based on threat and risk analyses. The security specialists of TGA provide you with physical assistance when necessary to ensure your safety. TGA helps to ensure the safety of you or your company through intensive guidance and practical recommendations. 

Risk management

Triangular Group Academy employs experienced risk management consultants who help companies take preventive measures aimed at internal & external threats that can jeopardize business objectives. Both the threats within and outside the sphere of influence of the organization are mapped out and protocols are drawn up for all possible risks and preventive measures. TGA's risk management consultants help your organization smoothly implement these preventive measures. In addition, education or training can be facilitated for your employees. TGA helps your organization to be truly prepared for all possible threats and supports you directly in the event of an actual crisis.

Business continuity

Triangular Group Academy helps companies investigate business continuity risks and draw up a business continuity protocol. In addition, the TGA consultants supervise the implementation of the recommendations arising from research. When drawing up a business continuity plan, all risks within the sphere of influence of your organization are mapped. Where possible, preventive measures are taken. TGA can also facilitate training for your employees. TGA helps you create an organization that is as safe and stable as possible and supports you directly in the event of an actual crisis.

What we can do for you

  • Security advice
  • Physical support
  • Risk management
  • ​Business continuity

Good intelligence is the key to decision making

Arno Reuser

OSINT Authority, Teacher

Our clients say

"This course has been the most relevant to my day-to-day job that I have ever attended. I will use what I have learnt on a daily basis. I would definitely recomment this course to others!"

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

"This should be a mandatory training for everyone who conducts internet-based research."

Cursist, OSINT Master Course

''Wow! Top training, really puts your mind to work.''

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

"With a heart for the profession, Triangular Group Academy gave me the necessary experience for my future as a combat nurse."

Trainee combat nurse program, Sergeant 1st class, Joey

"The result of my Counter Surveillance Course is that the teacher has removed my uncertainties and has given both tips and tools to deliver good quality work both independently and in a team context."

Private researcher (POB), anonymous

"The instructors of TGA are professional and experienced. TGA's TECC-LEO training has contributed to our operational knowledge and has taken us as a group to a more professional level."

Teamleader, Student TECC-LEO course

"I very much enjoyed the course. The teacher was excellent! A very good instructor."

Cursist, OSINT Scout Course

"This course has made me realise how amateur my research methods have been. I wish I had this training 4 years ago! This has been the most practical/applicable training I have received so far."

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

“TGA is our reliable partner that provides the DGOTC with the instruction capacity it needs. I am very satisfied with the flexibility, cooperation, and quality of the instructors.”


Colonel J. Hulst | C-DGOTC


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