Teachers with Police experience

TGA is CRKBO registered

Knowledge of the culture and processes within Police departments

TGA provides instruction capacity (insourcing) as well as complete external training

Capacity Building | Police

TGA offers instuctors and lecturers with relevant, operational and didactic experience, for the purpose of Dutch police organizations.

At the moment TGA instructors are training new criminal investigators together with the Dutch Police Academy. These instructors reinforce the academy full-time and contribute to much needed capacity building. TGA also offers a flexible, external intruction capacity in other educational institutes or domains within police organizations.


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What we offer

  • Tactical-medical instruction capacity 
  • Firearm instruction
  • Instructioncapacity at the Police Academy
  • Tactical educations

Capacity shortages in another domain? We like to think along with our clients!

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Our instructors are internally supervised in terms of content and didactics. This gives them the knowledge and skills required for training at the highest level.

Tim Müller

Operational manager

The start at TGA felt like coming home to me. Everyone is involved, driven and has the same mindset. In addition, there is an excellent atmosphere and I can completely lose myself in my work.

Ricardo Barrientos

Teacher | Dutch Military School

The goal of our courses is to truly prepare students for reality. That is why I strive to provide the highest possible education quality.

Rob Smets

Product manager

Our clients say

"Happy and satisfied with the teacher, without his commitment, knowledge, humour and enthusiasm, not many students would have passed the exams during the first attempt!"

Trainee, Police Officer Special Deployment Course

"Keep going! A pleasant learningenvironment with lots of knowledge. Moreover there is the possibility to share your own views."

Trainee, Police Officer Specific Deployment Course


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