Unique expertise due to a background in Special Forces and special police units

TGA is CRKBO and NRTO registered

Instructors have experience as a SF Medic and K9 Handler

Operational experience in amongst others jungle, mountainous, dessert and arctic terrain

K9 Medic Course

The K9 TECC/TCCC course focusses on providing emergency care for K9 dogs in situations with an increased threat or situations that have been preceded by a situation with an increased threat and enables participants to stabilise life-threatening injuries, treat them in a correct way and hand the animal over to a veterinarian.

Others topics that will be covered are the recognition of diseases, 1st-line injuries and pre-mission planning so that, during the excercise, the doghandler and the medic can evaluate the employability of the dog critically and where possible increase it with the help of simple actions.

Who is this training meant for?

The K9 TECC/TCCC course is suited for professionals that are working as a doghandler or medic for the government or are working with dogs for their work in a high-risk environment such as security and surveillance units or USAR.

Besides the three-day training, TGA offers the possibility to organise tailor-made trainings to meet specific needs or support by means of scenarios or advice.

All K9-courses are being organised by recognised veterinarians and experienced doghandlers with a background at the Special Forces.


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Day 1

  • Introduction and pre-test
  • Recognising different threat-levels
  • Understanding the tension between medical- and tactical-operations
  • Working with the M.A.R.C.H.-protocol (traumatology)
  • Anatomy, physiology, and ethological therapy
  • Scenariotraining (basic)
  • Post-test

Day 2

  • Anatomy cadavers
  • Trauma care
  • Training interventions and treatments
  • Traumatology in practice, pathology

Day 3

  • Scenario day in which different scenarios from the professional context of the participant are run
  • Structure of the scenarios according to the crawl/walk/run principle
  • Closure and presentation of the certificate
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Our instructors are internally supervised in terms of content and didactics. This gives them the knowledge and skills required for training at the highest level.

Tim Müller

Operational manager

The goal of our courses is to truly prepare students for reality. That is why I strive to provide the highest possible education quality.

Rob Smets

Product manager

Our clients say

"With a heart for the profession, Triangular Group Academy gave me the necessary experience for my future as a combat nurse."

Trainee combat nurse program, Sergeant 1st class, Joey

"It was pleasant that the instructors had a lot of experience themselves. This increased the credibility of the information!"

Trainee, First Respondent Course, Schaarsbergen

“TGA is our reliable partner that provides the DGOTC with the instruction capacity it needs. I am very satisfied with the flexibility, cooperation, and quality of the instructors.”


Colonel J. Hulst | C-DGOTC

"Keep up the good work! QPO!"

Trainee, First Responder Course, Royal Marine Corps

"The operational context we received was of great value!"

Trainee, First Reponder Course, Dutch SOF

"Very useful course that we have been needing for years!"

Trainee, K9 Medic Course


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