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Triangular Group Academy wants to help its clients to make their leaders credibly stronger. Leadership is about authenticity, direction, energy, inspiration, communication, integrity, decisiveness, daring and responsibility. All highly charged words if it is missing, and yet this is always lurking. How do you make sure you see that only you are the one who can keep you from falling into that trap? It's about awareness and feeling what that responsibility entails, because it's about what you do! We facilitate this confrontational exploration:

  • We make you feel the difference between managing processes and leading people; hard on the case, soft on the man/woman
  • We want to bring awareness that loyalty has two sides; reciprocity
  • We want to make it feel that 'taking good care of your people' is something very different from improving working conditions
  • We show that healthy pain always follows healthy growth
  • We make you realize that you are not what you say, think or mean but that you are only what you do

Why Triangular Group Academy?

“Our background speaks volumes. Leaders within the Dutch Special Forces. We have led in the most extreme circumstances. It was about life or death, with only each other, only the team, and with a mission to carry out, to achieve a goal. The strength of the team was the human being, the single individual, those men next to us. Our only path to success was with them, we were subservient ourselves. Subordinate to them and to the mission. “The Men, the Mission and Me..”

With the programs of Triangular Group Academy we connect our experiences and insights of leadership within the Special Forces with the challenges of the corporate market. By enlarging and discussing the components of leadership, valuable insights are created for life. Practical lessons that you can apply as a leader so that your team continues to grow and with it the results. Regardless of the circumstances.

Our carefully selected teams of professionals offer clients the opportunity to spar, experiment and progress in a safe environment. In our operational time we had different goals, now your personal growth is our target. The intended result of your team is our mission.

We dynamically treat our clients to our personality, giving you the opportunity to grow as a person, as a leader and as a professional.

We provide customization. Each product we offer is preceded by a personal intake by one of our professionals of your choice.

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  • Personal growth
  • Powerful leaders
  • Strong teams
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