Unique expertise because of a background in Dutch intelligence services

Instructors with relevant operational experience

The training is tailored to the professional context, level of expertise, and specific requirements of participants

TGA is CRKBO and NRTO registered


While working in public spaces, it may be of great importance for a security professional and / or civil servant working in civilian clothes that he / she is not recognized as such.

By adjusting behavior, posture, and appearance, amongst other things, it is possible to go unnoticed and still do your job adequately. During our course in non-police behavior (non-pol), attention is paid to, among others, discreet observation and making video / audio recordings. In addition, correct appearance, attitude, behavior, and suitable alibis (cover) of professionals working in public spaces are thoroughly dealt with.

For whom is this course intended?

The non-pol training of TGA is ideally suited for professionals in the safety and security domain who want to further develop their skills within their current position or who want to prepare for the next step in their career.

The instructors

The instructor all have relevant operational experience at Dutch intelligence services and special police units. The training is tailor-made and, depending on the budget and the needs of participants, can be fully adjusted to their professional context and requirements.

Training contents

The training consists of the following modules:

  • Clandestine observation
  • Audio & video recordings
  • Alibis and covers
  • Adjustments in appearance
  • Non-policing behavior

The entire training can be tailored to your specific needs so as to leave out or focus on certain modules. Please contact us if you are interested and we will elaborate on the possibilities or draw up a quotation.

In the Training Non-Police Behavior, tactics and techniques are taught the application of which may be sensitive. TGA will only transfer the knowledge to persons and companies that have been pre-screened by TGA. Anyone wishing to participate in the course must be in possession of a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) and must further participate in a telephone screening interview and background study. If the outcome is positive, you can be registered for the relevant study program.

Training non-pol

  • Non-policing behavior 
  • Specialised on-foot observation 
  • Specialised observation in or of vehicles
  • Observation of communications
  • Observation in varying environments: rural and in cities
  • Camouflage
  • Cultural adaptation

Our instructors are internally supervised in terms of content and didactics. This gives them the knowledge and skills required for training at the highest level.

Tim Müller

Operational manager

The goal of our courses is to truly prepare students for reality. That is why I strive to provide the highest possible quality education.

Rob Smets

Product manager

Our clients say

''Wow! Top training, really puts your mind to work.''

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

"This course has made me realise how amateur my research methods have been. I wish I had this training 4 years ago! This has been the most practical/applicable training I have received so far."

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

"The instructors of TGA are professional and experienced. TGA's TECC-LEO training has contributed to our operational knowledge and has taken us as a group to a more professional level."

Teamleader, Student TECC-LEO course

"This should be a mandatory training for everyone who conducts internet-based research."

Cursist, OSINT Master Course

"With a heart for the profession, Triangular Group Academy gave me the necessary experience for my future as a combat nurse."

Trainee combat nurse program, Sergeant 1st class, Joey

"This course has been the most relevant to my day-to-day job that I have ever attended. I will use what I have learnt on a daily basis. I would definitely recomment this course to others!"

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

"I very much enjoyed the course. The teacher was excellent! A very good instructor."

Cursist, OSINT Scout Course

"The result of my Counter Surveillance Course is that the teacher has removed my uncertainties and has given both tips and tools to deliver good quality work both independently and in a team context."

Private researcher (POB), anonymous


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