Unique expertise due to a background in Dutch intelligence services

TGA is CRKBO and NRTO registered

Flexible and reliable

Instructors with ample operational and didactic experience

About us

Triangular Group (TG) has its origins in the intelligence domain. TG’s founders are former intelligence officers and TGA’s sister company, Triangular Group Intelligence (TGINT), has been active since 2014 in building up and improving intelligence positions in challenging countries in favor of its clients. It is therefore a logical consequence that Triangular Group Academy offers this specialist knowledge in the form of various courses.


Our training courses

Good intelligence is the key to decision making

Arno Reuser

OSINT Authority, Teacher

Our instructors are internally supervised in terms of content and didactics. This gives them the knowledge and skills required for training at the highest level.

Tim Müller

Operational manager

The goal of our courses is to truly prepare students for reality. That is why I strive to provide the highest possible quality education.

Rob Smets

Product manager

Our clients say

"The result of my Counter Surveillance Course is that the teacher has removed my uncertainties and has given both tips and tools to deliver good quality work both independently and in a team context."

Private researcher (POB), anonymous

“TGA is our reliable partner that provides the DGOTC with the instruction capacity it needs. I am very satisfied with the flexibility, cooperation, and quality of the instructors.”


Colonel J. Hulst | C-DGOTC


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