All courses were developed by Arno Reuser, the OSINT authority of the Netherlands and abroad, with nearly 30 years of experience within the Dutch intelligence services (MIVD)

Teachers with operational experience within intelligence services

Suitable for students with different experience and skill levels (beginners to experts)

The courses are energetic, challenging and aimed at acquiring highly applicable skills

Open Source Intelligence

Online open source research often yields disappointing results due to incorrect search behavior. However, applying the right research methods provides a wealth of valuable information. In collaboration with Reuser's Information Services, Triangular Group Academy now offers high-quality OSINT courses, taught and developed by Arno Reuser himself.

During our OSINT course cyber-security, planning (so-called 'intell collection plans'), hands-on tools, the use of various search engines and operational tips & tricks are discussed on the basis of case histories. The students learn a methodical, effective and goal-oriented online research method. The training focuses on the OSINT research method developed by Arno Reuser, which focuses on planning, structure and systematics.


Pathfinder Course

The OSINT Pathfinder Course covers the full cycle of online research and search strategies.

  • Reuser's OSINT-research methodology; carry out your research in a planned, structured and systematic manner.
  • Background of OSINT; what is it, what is it not?
  • Technical and strategic backgrounds of the internet as a research tool; organization, setup, management, IP addressing, domain research techniques.
  • How to set up and implement an in-depth, integrated OSINT-research plan in global open sources, not limited to just the WWW
  • Techniques to protect your information profile, protect your information position and search anonymously.
  • Question analysis and problem construction, techniques to analyze a research topic and to break it down into components.
  • The global open source information landscape. What's out there? What resources are available for OSINT and how do I access them? Commercial sources, libraries, online databases, the Dark web, the Deep web.
  • What other information can be found outside the World Wide Web? 
  • Search strategies to conduct a very systematic and structured research on the Internet.
  • Techniques to reduce millions of hits with low relevance to a few hundred hits with high relevance.
  • The RIS Semantical Table of Twelve to create good keywords for search.
  • Smart Query Build: Maximum Boolean logic, how to build smart queries that will find exactly what you're looking for.
  • Validation techniques to determine the reliability and usability of open source data.
  • And much more.

Master Course

  • Two-day refresment course for students who have already completed the Pathfinder Course.
  • This course is aimed at further developing the OSINT skills of students.
  • The course concludes with an extensive scenario to test the skills of the student.
  • Keep an eye on our website for new training dates.

Incompany Courses

The OSINT courses can be tailormade for government teams or other organizations.
In addition, TGA offers OSINT courses accessible to individuals. These courses are suitable for students with different levels of experience and ability.


For whom

The training is intended for investigators, analysts and investigators within the public and private sector and anyone who is involved in the collection of information on the internet in the context of investigation, enforcement, supervision or intelligence.
The training is suitable for employees of the police, defense, intelligence services (AIVD, MIVD), special investigation services (FIOD, ISZW-DO, NVWA-IOD, ILT-IOD), the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the National Criminal Investigation Teams, supervisors (AFM, ACM, ISZW, ILT, NVWA), RIEC, LIEC, municipalities, Customs, UWV, insurance and credit card companies, banks, private investigative agencies, law firms and companies with internal fraud departments.


Reuser's Information Services (RIS) was founded in 2008 by Arno Reuser. Arno has nearly 30 years of experience within the MIVD as an OSINT expert. In 1990 he designed, set up and managed the entire OSINT intelligence department for the Dutch Armed Forces. This was one of the very first OSINT units in Europe at the time.
All OSINT courses of Triangular Group Academy are developed by Arno and he also still teaches himself. Arno is available for consultancy inpirational lectures as well.

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OSINT Pathfinder Course

OSINT Pathfinder Course

September the 1st, 2th, and 3th
October the 6th, 7th and 8th 

€ 1198,- (including dinner on the first day and lunch)

Arno Reuser

Novotel City Center Hotel | The Hague


  • Extensive lunch and snacks during the day, you will lack nothing
  • Icebreaker session on the first night (networkmeeting incl. food and drinks)
  • RIS OSINT Research Machine
  • RIS OSINT Handbook
  • Training website
  • One year acces to the RIS Helpdesk
  • OSINT Pathfinder certificate

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Good intelligence is the key to decision making

Arno Reuser

OSINT Authority, Teacher

Our clients say

''Wow! Top training, really puts your mind to work''

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

This course has made me realise how amateur my research methods have been. I wish I had this training 4 years ago! This has been the most practical/applicable training I have received so far. 

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

This should be a mandatory training for everyone who conducting internet-based research.

Cursist, OSINT Master Course

This course has been the most relevant to my day-to-day job that I have ever attended. I will use what I have learnt on a daily basis. I would definitely recomment this course to others!

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

I very much enjoyed the course. The teacher was excellent! A very good instructor. 

Cursist, OSINT Scout Course


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