Creative approach to complex issues

Integrity and discretion

Experienced cyber experts with a background in the Dutch intelligence services

Experienced Human Intelligence (HUMINT) experts with a background in the Dutch intelligence services

Prolonged Red Teaming

For companies and government institutions that have a vital interest in security, Triangular Group Academy offers a unique and ultimate securitycheck in cooperation with EYE Cyber Security. Former employees of the intelligence services and Special Forces test the security at your organisation.

The goal is to test whether we can access your high-value assets. Both the physical and the cyber domain will be explored to exploit weaknesses.

Our multidsiciplinary team consists of specialists in the field of offensive tehcnology, social engineers, observation experts and penetration specialistis. Just like your real-life opponent, we take the time to test your organisation step by step and exploit opportunities. You will get an insight into possible weaknesses within your organisation and in which parts of your organisation the (cyber)security is solid. That is the difference with reality, we involve you every step of the way.

After this test you will have an excellent picture of your organization in terms of safety and you can make any necessary improvements in a very targeted manner. Our experts are happy to help you with this.

We offer the ultimate test. Are you up for the challenge?

After this test you will have an excellent picture of your organization in terms of safety and you can make any necessary improvements in a very targeted manner. Our experts are happy to help you with this.

Our Approach

There are many parties that offer Red Teaming, usually with the similar components and approach. We make the difference because of our background at the Dutch intelligence services and the level at which our specialists acted during their carreer in the intelligence community. Furthermore, the combination of HUMINT/OSINT experts and cyber security experts is very powerful.

Customers often have the tendency to judge their cyber vulnerability as monodisciplinary. For example: There is a risk of ransom software, how can I secure my systems using software so that the cyber attack will be detected and isolated? With a multidisciplinary approach, other factors such as behaviour, protocols, training and organisations are accounted for. Especially in those latter domains our services come in handy.

Triangular Group Academy understands the trade of undetected observation (offline and online) and to use that to identify systemic weaknesses. When we have identified a number of weakpoints and evaluated their importance, we will draw up a plan to influence the human factor, so that we can set up our targeted cyber attack strategy: the penetration.

The aim of this penetration is to be able to present conclusions and findings that are supported by concrete examples to the customer. Next, with some advice and adjustments we can take away the weakpoints. We do this in a number of areas to ensure that the resilience of vital systems is improved.

We are discreet and honest and destroy all tremors after handover to our customers.

Prolonged Red Teaming

Our approach

  1. Client meeting:
    1. Agree on target, aim, period/budget
    2. Agree on rules of the game 'Red Team/ White Team/ Blue Team'
  2. Oriëntation and inventarisation:
    1. Customer provides information
    2. Initial reconnaissance (online & offline)
  3. Development of attack strategies:
    1. Cyber inventarisation
    2. HUMINT inventarisation
    3. Testing courses of action
    4. Examination
  4. Carrying out attack strategies:
    1. Social engineering
    2. Placement of insiders
    3. Penetration of workforce, supply, second-tier contracts, etc.
    4. Initiating/exploiting weaknesses for cyber penetration
  5. Performing damage assessment and reporting:
    1. Impact evaluation
    2. Access evaluation
  6. Evaluation and advice

You can make an impact within the TGA courses! All teachers and instructors have the space to apply their unique specialist knowledge in both substantive and didactic areas. Everyone has broad experience, we complement each other.

Sven de Vries

Military Nurse Teacher

Good intelligence is the key to decision making

Arno Reuser

OSINT Authority, Teacher

The start at TGA felt like coming home to me. Everyone is involved, driven and has the same mindset. In addition, there is an excellent atmosphere and I can completely lose myself in my work.

Ricardo Barrientos

Teacher | Dutch Military School

For me, working at TGA means that I can share my experience and knowledge with, among others, soldiers, police and firefighters who are at risk every day. Our training courses contribute to the performance of their challenging job.

Dai Carter

Combat Life Saver Instructor

Our instructors are internally supervised in terms of content and didactics. This gives them the knowledge and skills required for training at the highest level.

Tim Müller

Operational manager

The goal of our courses is to truly prepare students for reality. That is why I strive to provide the highest possible quality education.

Rob Smets

Product manager

Our clients say

“TGA is our reliable partner that provides the DGOTC with the instruction capacity it needs. I am very satisfied with the flexibility, cooperation, and quality of the instructors.”


Colonel J. Hulst | C-DGOTC

"The result of my Counter Surveillance Course is that the teacher has removed my uncertainties and has given both tips and tools to deliver good quality work both independently and in a team context."

Private researcher (POB), anonymous


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